Felix St Clair-Renard is an adventure photography-legend with an extensive portfolio covering his 40+ years of travelling and good times. We had the honor to dig into his photo-treasure and chose this epic shot for our collaboration.

While at it we took the opportunity to ask him some questions about him, his life and the photo that became a T-shirt.

You started Sweden's first ski magazine Åka Skidor in 1974, what did you do that led you there?

- I read economics and worked at the SE Bank's Capital Markets Center in Stockholm and took a ski instructor exam, sailed and had fun in general. Then I started working as a finance manager at a wholesale company in the ski industry but quickly took over as marketing manager. This was much nicer and I developed a product catalog with an editorial focus and this evolved into the magazine Åka Skidor. Guess who was on the first cover? Hahaha...

Tell me a little about the amazing picture of Stephanie and Peter.

- I took the T-shirt image during one of our first freestyle camps at Louktatjåkka near Abisko. We carried a tramp up there and built jumps. All food was also carried by the participants and the mountain foxes outside was really happy for the excellent meatballs that the participating chef Göran Hammargen made. Stephanie and Peter took part in the camp and Stephanie became world champion three times, which did not surprise. Many of the other participants continued to compete internationally.

You became the “cool guy” with all of Sweden through your participation in Lasse Åbergs Swedish monster hit comedy “Sällskapsresan Snowroller”. Can you tell any funny anecdotes from the recording?

- I had worked with Lasse Åberg for a few years already, when I was asked to work as a still image photographer with the film. The surprise that I was playing myself was not revealed until someone gave me a script to read through in Verbier before recording began. “I don’t need to read that”, I said. I’m just taking the still images. “But you should still read the script”, the answer was. I was clueless until I saw the list of actors. Lasse is a cool guy and has a very wonderful humor that often surprises ...

You have always lived from your passions, what is your advice to young people of today?

- Passion and a strong driving force is important. Dedicate yourself to something you really love and don´t be afraid to change direction if you feel it's wrong. You always learn something and experience is important. It’s rarely wrong to study in order to grasp the theoretical part, but it’s probably no necessity as I’ve seen many times, because talent and hard work often also gives a good result. Start work in time and work a little longer, and when done, ask if there's something more to do. If that’s not getting you promoted, then you've chosen the wrong employer...

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