Dedicated Manifest

We live in a time of unprecedented climate change and loss of biodiversity. This destruction is happening during our "game time" so we all have a moral obligation to act.

DEDICATED is a clothing brand and our industry is responsible for around 8% of global greenhouse gases. To dress fashionably, or in a way that reflects one's personality, is a human instinct and is unlikely to change. This means we must change our production practices to make them as sustainable as possible.

In order to reduce our negative impact and inspire other companies to do the same, we have adopted the following principles:

– Focus on contemporary and expressive everyday fashion to lower the hurdle for customers to switch to more sustainable clothing.

– Offer products at a price point that is accessible to the majority.

– Always design durable and practical clothing that can stay beautiful and in use for an as long time as possible.

– Always use organic natural fibers when possible, or use recycled synthetic fibers when needed for the product's performance, to lower the Co2 impact and stop the spreading of harmful chemicals and destruction of freshwater.

– Always use the strictest certifications available.

– Always ensure maximum traceability in our supply chain to minimize environmental and social risks.

– Always prioritize healthy profitability to secure the longevity of our business.

– Be respectful towards customers, colleagues, suppliers, and external stakeholders.

– From production to office management, always choose options that can minimize our carbon footprint.

– Use part of profits to cause political debate and thereby forcing other clothing companies to lower their negative impact.

Always try to learn new things and have fun, since life is short.