Jungle is Back!

DEDICATED's beloved Jungle Pattern is back! Now also on Hoodie, Windbreaker and Womens' Sweatshirt and Tee. Grab the stuff you like and get out and enjoy the last bit of summer.

Take the Dance People to the Dance Floor

Blue Birds is the new Green

DEDICATED x The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski by the Coen brothers released in 1998, is our cult film favorite. “The Dude” gets his rug ruined and mistakenly becomes involved in a kidnapping scam. He turns to his bowling buddies, Vietnam veteran Walter and the timid Donny for help. There’s marijuana, White Russians and psychedelic dreams, but whatever life throws at The Dude, The Dude abides. Get your DEDICATED x The Big Lebowski favorite now!

New Windbreakers made from recycled PET-bottles


US based illustrator CDR makes art constantly, sometimes quite literally covering the walls with the narrative of his hyperactive imagination. His characters embrace, they reach out to one another, and they re ect the small truths of daily life; sometimes with irony but never with sarcasm. A cosmic enthusiast and deep thinker, CDR literally tries to make the world better through art — promoting peace & love in vibrant color and without self-censure.