Armstrong Knitting Mills

Location: Tiruppur, India

Certified by: Fairtrade (FLO ID 18753 + FLO ID 18815), GOTS (CU 800477), SA8000 (IN18/80280)

Number of employees: Floor staff: 1600 (50% female, 50% male) Admin: 290 (40% female, 60% male)

Last visit: September 2022

About Armstrong:

Armstrong is our main supplier for organic cotton jersey, and we've worked together since 2012. A family-owned company that was founded in 1969, and was one of the first to promote organic cotton and fair production in India. A pioneer when it comes to sustainable clothing.

The factories are powered by renewable energy from solar panels and windmills, which makes the production even greener. Armstrong is a vertically integrated manufacturer, they have everything inhouse, from spinning mills to the finishing process. The only process they outsource is digital printing which is done in Tamil Nadu, at a GOTS certified printer. This way it is easier for us to follow all the steps of our cotton jersey production.

“Armstrong’s team is part of our DNA and helped us become the brand we are today.
They became our friends and it’s always a pleasure to go visit them.”
– Johan Graffner, Founder DEDICATED.

Read more about the certificates Here.