DEDICATED x Twin Peaks

It’s time to revisit the mind-bending and subversive world of David Lynch, as we are launching a capsule collection celebrating the pop-cultural phenomena that is Twin Peaks. It’s more than three decades since Twin Peaks first hit our screens, but the cult murder mystery primetime soap never ceases to inspire.

It all starts with a murdered prom queen. Then, a classic whodunit plot, the merging of the supernatural and kitsch-like melodrama with Lynchian weirdness and symbolism in every scene, that cherry-stalk scene, and of course: some damn good outfits. Twin Peaks showcased an array of fashion that to this day stands out as one of the most revered aspects of the series.

This is our way of celebrating the incomparable show and all the delightfully bizarre and scary characters (looking at you, Bob) of the original line-up. The capsule collection consists of printed tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, and intarsia socks. All ethically and sustainably produced in Fairtrade certified organic cotton.