EK Fashion

No. 72 Building, NO.966 XiuYuan Road
XiuZhou, District JiaXing ZheJiang, China

Certified by: BSCI for manufacturing, GRS for the fabric

Number of employees: 87 (85% women, 15% men)

Last visit: 2019

About EK Fashion:

EK Fashion is our swimwear supplier. They work with a small manufacturing company located in Jinjiang city, to cut and sew the fabric into our swimwear pieces. Every year this factory goes through a BSCI social audit, to help improve the working conditions.

EK Fashion gets the fabric for our swimwear from Recyctex – a pioneer company when it comes to recycled textiles, and they make GRS certified fabric made of post-consumer PET bottles. They do the weaving in-house, and work with GRS certified dyeing and printing units. EK Fashion gets the fabric for our swimwear from Recyctex, and both companies share the same owner.

Read more about the certificates Here.