Introducing Dedicated x Non-Violence

We’re proud to introduce Dedicated x Non-violence – a capsule collection highlighting the important work of global NGO The Non-Violence Project.

The Non-Violence Project is a non-political, non-religious organization, actively working for a non-violent society. NVP’s mission is to inspire, motivate, and engage young people to understand how to solve conflicts peacefully. This is accomplished through education, focusing on prevention and intervention. To date, NVP has trained and educated more than 9 million teachers, students, sports coaches, athletes, and volunteers in more than 30 countries on all five continents.

By wearing a product from our collaboration, you become part of that mission, not only by spreading awareness but also by supporting their work: 10% of our revenue from the NVP collection goes directly to The Non-Violence Project, allowing them to continue optimizing their important global mission.

The Dedicated x Non-Violence Project capsule collection consists of six unique products - all of which are made of organic cotton or organic cotton canvas. These pieces are meant to be worn proudly and with an understanding of what NVP stands for. We hope that when purchasing something from this collaboration, you’ll read up on its meaning so that you can spread the word further and inspire, motivate, and engage people around you.

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Sweden is currently grappling with a significant challenge concerning violence and gang criminality. The nation is facing a complex issue that demands a comprehensive approach and concerted efforts from various stakeholders. The increasing violence and gang-related activities has raised concerns about public safety, community well-being, and the overall social fabric. With that being said, we are proud to present our latest collaboration with global NGO The Non-Violence Project. This is a collaboration that holds great importance due to the challenging times in Sweden, and the difficult tasks evolving from the large amount of violence the world is currently facing.

Together, we are dedicated to recognizing the Everyday Heroes who constantly contribute beyond the call of duty in their everyday lives. Through this alliance, we spotlight individuals who tirelessly work, in varying capacities, to combat violence. This collective effort aims to emphasize the critical importance of their actions in fostering a safer society. Our collaboration with The Non-Violence Project stands as a testament to our commitment to this pressing cause.

We hope that we can light a spark for some of you, and take action for a brighter future.