Where it all began

We started Dedicated in 2006 because we realized that the available brands calling themselves responsible weren't fashionable in their design, and the fashionable brands did not take responsibility for the environmental impact of their production. 
But we knew that fashion could be done differently. Clothing made more responsibly didn’t have to be plain, and creative fashion didn’t have to be bad for the planet. So, with a clear vision, a lot of hard work, and plenty of coffee we worked hard to bring Dedicated to life. 

Clothing can be made in a better way, and we’re here to prove it

It’s no secret that fashion is a shady business. Filled with harmful chemicals, mostly made of fossil-fuel-based materials like polyester, and inhuman working environments. An industry that for the past 30 years has been a race to the bottom. We wanted to show that it didn’t have to be like this. Fashion can be done differently, and we’re here to prove it.  

Armed with a knowledgeable team, we’ve created a brand that is thoughtful from start to finish. We only create clothes made with organic, natural, or recycled fibers, to show that an alternative to conventional fibers is possible. We only work with suppliers that share the same values, and that are certified by reliable and legit standards. We only design two collections per year and respect reasonable production time. We’ll even pack your pieces in packaging made from recycled or certified materials.

By doing this, we try to do our share to raise the bar in the industry. Every brand has a choice, and our choice is to do better than the common industry norm. 

Our alternatives to conventional fibers 

All our garments are always made with a majority of either organic, natural, or recycled fibers. Our most used fiber is cotton, since it is also how the brand started. We only use organic, chemical-free cotton certified by GOTS, and when we can, even Fairtrade and Regenerative Organic Certified cotton.  

All the polyester we use is 100% made from recycled PET bottles so you don’t have to worry about wearing fossil-fuel-based garments. Polyester isn’t the only fiber we use that is made from recycled materials. The polyamide in our socks is made from recycled fibers, and the wool mixes in our sweaters and coats are also made from post (already used) or pre-consumer (factory waste) materials. 

We also love using TENCEL™ Lyocell, a super sustainable fabric made from wood pulp that’s durable, breathable, and incredibly soft. In the nature-based fibers category, we also welcome some hemp mixed with cotton and 100% linen fabrics. These flax fibers are known for not needing much input to grow, and for cleaning the soil they grow on. 


Working with reliable and credible certificates is an important part of our company. Showing that we're serious about our mission and that we have responsibilities we need to uphold. To ensure the verifiability of our fabric claims, we work with recognized certifications that mandate third-party verification. Certified auditors regularly inspect the factories to ensure compliance with all requirements. Our production is then authenticated by "transaction certificates," the sole documents attesting that they have been manufactured in accordance with the standards. 

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