What makes the perfect swimwear – for you?

Swimwear seasons bring up different feelings for different people. But worth remembering is that a beach body is just a body at the beach. Nothing more, nothing less. However, there’s nothing wrong with choosing swimwear that makes you feel confident or highlights your favorite features or whatever else you want them to do.

But far from everyone knows what swimwear fits them best or makes them feel great – like how many of us haven’t been using the wrong bra size for years? There’s no shame in it and it’s never too late to deep dive into the world of swimwear.

Comfort before style (or vice versa)

First, you must decide the purpose of your beach outfit; are you planning on sunbathing, reading books, and taking naps in the shade all day or are you leaning towards a more active day of beach volleyball and swimming?

In the first case, a bandeau- or triangle bikini might be a perfect choice. They’re stylish and do not hinder anyone looking for a tan (don’t forget the sunscreen!). Also, they’re not uncomfortable per se, just not very convenient for running and jumping, etc. This is a true comfort before style choice.


In the latter case, a swimsuit is your best option, preferably a sport swimsuit, but there are lots of different styles out there for you to try on. For example, a trendy wrap swimsuit offers both comfort and style and a swimsuit with a deep back gives great sun exposure and stays in place.

Removable straps

It goes without saying that bikini tops with removable – and adjustable for that matter – straps changed the swimwear game forever. Finally, there’s one top that does all the work; want to play in the water? No problem, that top stays in its place. Want to avoid bikini lines? Just snap those straps right off!

Low or high rise

This is also a matter of comfort and style preferences, but maybe even a shift in mindset. What used to be a style reserved for ‘moms’, older women, and people wanting to hide their beautiful bellies, is now becoming a popular piece for everyone to wear – no matter age or size. We’re talking about the high-rise bikini bottom. This style brings the best of both worlds, and we love it!

As far as the low-rise style goes, it’s the perfect option for anyone who just wants a regular-fit bikini bottom. No fuss. Both the high-rise and the low-rise styles can be paired with any bikini top, so just chose the one you like the most.

Buns out, or not?
How much skin you want to show off at the beach is completely up to you. Whatever makes you feel good, go for it! If you’re planning on maximizing the sun exposure on your lower body there are a lot of options for you, for example Brazilian, thong, and cheeky bottoms bikini bottoms. If you’re unsure, try them all on and see what feels best.

Caftan dresses & ponchos

If you simply want a little break from the sun or some warmth when the clouds come out, we recommend a breezy caftan dress or a terry poncho. These garments are also perfect for when you want to grab a quick lunch someplace near the beach or if you’re too busy taking care of little ones to dry yourself after a swim.

Beach ponchos