Sundar Sons

Location: Salem, India

Certified by: GOTS (CU 853143), SA8000 (120INSA), WRAP (123751)

Number of employees: 480 (82% women, 18% men)

Last visit: March 2023

About Sundar Sons:

Sundar Sons are committed to sustainability from a social and environmental perspective, and this is where we produce the majority of our woven garments made out of Tencel and Organic cotton fabric: including shirts, pants, shorts, and jackets. They are working closely with a dyeing and printing house, but other than that everything is handled inhouse, from weaving to finished product.

In terms of environmental performances, they are powered by 100% renewable energy, and they use a water treatment plant inhouse. Socially speaking they provide several financial benefits to their employees, helping them deal with personal expenses like marriages, kids, and education.

“When it comes to woven garments in natural fibers, Sundar Sons are among the best in India. Their technical know-how and facilities make them very flexible and enable us to develop new fabric compositions and weaves.“ – Karin Veghed, Head of production, DEDICATED.