All of our swimwear and many of our jackets have "GRS Certified" or "GRS Certified Recycled Polyester" in the product description. But what does that really mean?

What is GRS?
GRS stands for Global Recycled Standard and is an international certification for the use and tracking of recycled material. GRS means a guarantee for certified recycled material, in our case textile, and the label itself takes into account the entire production chain: from raw material to finished product.

In addition to verified tracking and guarantees for recycled material, GRS also covers environmental and social aspects such as gender equality, decent working conditions, and chemical restrictions that are in line with the European REACH regulations.

By choosing a product made from GRS-certified material, you contribute both to a more environmentally conscious production and to a better standard for the people who work in the industry.

We are not certified, but the material is
To clarify, neither Dedicated as a brand nor our products are GRS certified, but the material we use for our clothes is. So we work with GRS-certified fabric to be able to ensure that it is made from recycled material and every season our suppliers (of fabric or finished products) send us certificates with the percentage of recycled material and the type of material (post/pre-consumer ) that is used. The reason we are not certified as a brand is that our distribution system cannot support all the administrative work, but thanks to close cooperation with our suppliers we can ensure that our recycled polyester is manufactured per this standard.