Women's socks

In average, we walk four laps around the globe in a lifetime, so we should all care for our feet like the good friends they are. We have around 50 reasons to treat your feet with good socks: solid neutrals to bright all-over prints, polka dots and stripes, the occasional tie-dye style to show off in your beach slides, and a bunch of limited styles from our collaborations (that might just come with a matching T-shirt or tote bag!). And since we’re all about sustainable fashion, we make sure our socks are long-lasting and hold their shape through every wash. Our socks also come in packs of three or five — a practical hack to everyday dressing, or the perfect gift to someone special who’s looking to give their underwear drawer a refresh.

We only use sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton, and have done so since our start back in 2006. Our polyester comes from recycled PET bottles, we also use other more sustainable materials such as hemp, and TENCEL™ Lyocell — an eco-friendly fiber made from wood pulp. Our prints are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals.

We’re firm in our belief that no human or other living creature should have to suffer as a result of the fashion industry. Read more about our sustainability goals, certificates, and efforts to lower our carbon footprint.

Sustainable fashion at its finest.