Linen clothing for men

Linen clothes are a recurring element in every summer wardrobe. It's airy, comfortable, and timeless - qualities that make up the perfect summer garment. Linen clothes exude a kind of relaxed elegance with their loose fit combined with a matte finish, which over time takes on an increasingly glossy finish.

Our range of men’s linen clothing includes a variety of styles that work just as well with each other as they do with other pieces from our collection. Here you’ll find, among other things, matching sets, breezy linen pants, and relaxed linen shirts.

One of the advantages of linen clothes is their versatility, which enables you to wear them again and again, for several different occasions and events. A short-sleeved linen shirt is a safe bet at a summer party and a matching linen set is a must on holiday. Our linen clothes also pair well with many of our plain basic t-shirts - a white tee and a pair of beige linen shorts are a perfect combination for warm summer days.

All our linen clothes are made of linen from Europe. Read more about linen here.