Location: Mumbai, India

Certified by: SMETA Sedex

Number of employees: Floor staff 70 (50% Women, 50% Men) Admin: 10 (90% Men, 10% Women)

Last visit: September 2022

About Kapture:

In 2021, our headwear supplier in China decided to stop our collaboration due to our quantities, which were too low for their factory’s size. That was the perfect occasion for us to bring the production back to India where we work mostly, and where we knew we could source organic cotton fabric without issues.

We started working with Kapture Headwear, a company that started in 2017 in Mumbai but quickly made a name in the headwear manufacturing field. Kapture Headwear was not initially working with organic materials, so we helped them source woven fabric made of organic cotton from our supplier Sundar Sons. They are a flexible factory with a knowledgeable design team that can help us design the products more efficiently.

SS23 was our first season produced with Kapture headwear. Since then, we are working closely to find the most efficient setup that works with our small quantities and strict fabric requirements.

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