Kids Organic Clothes

Eco-friendly children's clothing made from organic and Fairtrade-certified cotton and water based colors – Everything to keep the little ones away from toxic chemicals. Fun, cute and expressive illustrations printed to mix and match with joggers and sweatshirts from Dedicated.

No one should have to suffer for fashion. Neither humans nor animals. So by working with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), we can assure you that our t-shirts are completely free of animal origin. We have chosen to only work with natural, or recycled materials.

We are certified by the toughest label for organic cotton garments: GOTS (CU 1052414). This means no toxic chemicals were used. And the standard also includes environmental and social requirements – ensuring safe working conditions for everyone involved. Thanks for choosing sustainably produced clothing from Dedicated Brand. Your support means the world in more ways than just one!