At Dedicated, we’re aware of the clothing industry generating huge amounts of waste and shipping bi-products. It’s one of our biggest concerns and we are constantly working to find new even better packaging solutions.

With our production often carried out in India (read about our suppliers here), we strive to always ship our garments by boat. Since we always try to minimize our impact, it’s in our biggest interest that when the products arrive in our warehouses, they do so in a flawless condition — so that the item can be bought by a happy customer, worn again and again, and in the end, become reused or recycled.

But boats and harbors are naturally damp places, and clothes are easy targets when it comes to mold. Any damaged goods mean unnecessary use of materials and even more waste, so secure and reliable packaging from the factory to the end consumer is vital.

There’s no point in shipping the product wrapped in plastic, and then changing that plastic for paper just for the sake of how it looks. That’s not us. Instead, we make sure the plastic we use for packaging consists of Re LDPE recycled content or that it's climate neutral and eco-labeled ÅterBära, and that the cardboard boxes are made of recycled content or FSC certified. The majority of the packaging our suppliers use for our finished products is polybags made of 100% recycled content.

How we pack our products:

Polybags from our suppliers
The polybags stay on the product all the way from manufacturing to customers.
We’re working with a Swedish company, Rudholm and Haak AB, that owns factories in India and Hong Kong and makes GRS-certified polybags made of 100% recycled plastic. These are enhanced with the BDP™ patented technology which accelerates the biodegradation of the plastic in an anaerobic environment (environment free of/very limited in oxygen). This product will biodegrade in a few years as opposed to regular plastic, which can take a hundred to thousands of years. By working with this company we know all our suppliers are using the same polybags with the same benefits.

Ecom packaging:
– We use bags for bigger orders, they are PVC-free, made of 20% recycled content, and climate-neutral certified Återbära.
– Our boxes (several sizes and suppliers) are either made of recycled cardboard, or FSC mix (meaning the cardboard comes from the sustainably managed forest).