Introducing: Spring / Summer 2023

This campaign means a lot to me in many ways. After countless brainstorming sessions with my 12-year-old self, I decided to portray this collection in memories of an enchanting fantasy. Growing up in the countryside, I’ve been endlessly exploring the unknown in the deep forests while feeling completely safe among the trees. Today, a country kid living the big city life, a love for nature entwined with the urge for adventures. To me – that is what Dedicated represents. Where playful, quirky graphic and design meets the seriousness of caring for the planet. A fairytale that is very much real.

My close friend and pure talent Finn Christian Peper managed to capture these magical moments together with a cast of beautiful fairytale characters, also known as models. Big thanks to @thaisborgesbr @erlom_ @tibunga @avelinaruslanovna @diogo.guerreiro7 @biacp3 who were dancing, rather than posing.  
Shout out to:  
Hair- and MUA @andreabrondstedmua  
Assistant photographer: @andrea.brandt  
Production Assistant: @siigne.jensen 
With love,
Amanda Krantz, Creative Director