The future is not for sale

We don't believe in the concept of crazy shopping holidays. We want to do better. Give something back. So for the last couple of years we've been skipping black friday, and instead worked with the non-profit organization ''One Tree Planted''. And so far we’ve donated over 20.000 Fruit Trees to local farmers in India.

The idea is simple, for every order placed on the website between 24/11-27/11 we plant a tree. But remember to shop mindfully!

The benefits with healthy forests are many. Their value for biodiversity, social impact, and the stability of the global climate are well documented. A fully grown tree captures around 21 kilo of carbon dioxide yearly. And this is extremely important in the battle against climate change.

Our planting projects are located in India, where about 275 million people depend directly on forest resources. The trees will help small and marginalized farmers increase their families' nutrition and income. Three years after planting – each fruit tree will generate an additional income at US$10 per tree per year. The trees will also fight pollution, conserve water, and prevent soil erosion.
Trees planted
Tons of CO² compensated